Another Beginning

I figure since we’re talking about beginnings, I’ll share the very first Age I created: Eder Rastekesh (or “rustic-ish” as I intended the theme to be).


The first version of Eder Rastekesh

This was basically the testing ground for everything as I learned the ins and outs of both Blender and PyPRP.  I went through three versions of the Age as things went along.


The second version of Eder Rastekesh

I had a few ideas for this Age; one being that, canonically, it was written by me personally as I experimented with The Art.  As I made the place habitable via the Book, I brought in various friends to build the structures that would adorn the land.

As time went on, I dabbled in various aspects of PyPRP and Python, including a cabin with a hand print “lock mechanism” for the door.


The cabin.  Shades of Myst…although not nearly as quality

Since it was an Eder, I attempted to include some familiar sites from the other Eders, most notably the gazebos.


The trademark gazebo made from scratch

Later on, I tried taking some of what I learned about lighting and applied it to this Age, with varying results.


A comparison shot

At the end of the day, I’m not sure if I’ll ever release it.  It needs a lot of cleanup and while it’d be an interesting case study of someone learning the ropes of Age building, it’s just not quality, in my humble opinion.

Still, I may take some elements from this Age and start fresh again one day…the fourth version of this particular Age.  That’s the beauty of Age building is that you can come back to a project years later with fresh eyes and new knowledge and make it something even more special.

Right now, Eder Rastekesh is just a bit of nostalgia…but one day, it might be something all can enjoy.  We’ll see.



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