The Beginning

Well, not really the beginning beginning, but the start of my official blog relating to my Age projects.

Here, I hope to get even more in-depth with what I’m working on then on my Facebook page, including a boatload of screenshots that won’t spam your news feed! 😉

With this being the first post, I will bring everyone up to speed on what I’ve been working on lately.  First up…the memorial Age:


This one’s been a few years in the making.  It started conceptually with sketches from Rhee and has been built with input from Nev’yn and a few others.  Its goal is to be a much more elaborate expansion of the memorial in Kahlo Pub in Ae’gura, and it’ll be used to honor those explorers who have passed away over the years.

Some point soon, I will be gathering material from explorers who want to add a little something to remember their friends.  That material will be on display in various journals for all to see, read, and experience.

Next up…Stan’s Oasis!


If you’ve ever been hoping for more surface locations, this is one of two on which I’m working.  And if you’ve ever wondered at which point one leaves civilization before they get to Zandi’s land, the volcano, cleft, and D’ni, this will answer your question.

This area will be quite expansive, but since it’s desert, there won’t be too much to see.  There will be some landmarks, but mostly desert.  If we can get day and night cycles working (ie layer SDL animations for the technically inclined), then we may have our very first sunrise and sunset on Earth in-game!

And on to the other surface location…shrouded in Mystery, yet nice and sunny:


This one has shades of my new home: Florida…because it’s actually located there.  Where exactly and why?  All will be revealed in time, my friends.

And that’s it!  Keep checking back here for further updates from my crazy mind. 😀


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