Happy New Year!

Ugh, 2016 was one hell of a year, wasn’t it? I myself am glad to see it go whilst giving it the finger and a few choice four-letter words.

With a new year comes a fresh perspective, renewed optimism, and big plans as far as Age building. The memorial Age is in its final stages and should hopefully be released within the next month or so. I also plan on putting the finishing touches on Tsahvahn Gahrahno, which will be a counter to the somber atmosphere of the memorial Age; a more bright and fun place to relax.

If things go well this year, I’ll also release the first part of the Journey of Lothias…in this case, Kotsahvosahn, aka the waystation. As I finish them, the waystation will lead to another Age, which will lead to the final Age, which will be the biggest (and probably most complicated). Unlike the memorial Age and Tsahvahn, there will be puzzles to solve as well as great scenery. The Book of Lothias will also continue along with the Ages themselves, so there will be backstory along with what you see.

I’m also working on what should hopefully be a way to unclog the bottleneck that’s holding up fan Ages, namely a means to Link to those Ages that’s autonomous from Cyan’s. This should work at least until a proper fan Nexus is finished.  I’ll talk more on that project in the coming weeks.

And finally, I’m putting together plans to present at Mysterium, which will be in Orlando, Florida this year (and where I live…how convenient!). In the past, there have been individuals who have built basic Ages with PyPRP during the convention to show how it can be done. I plan to do the same, utilizing some chosen pre-made, pre-textured assets (like gazebos, pedestals, lights and such) and the Guild of Writers’ Korman plugin. If things work out, we should be able to build a completely new Age almost from scratch for release to the public. Hoikas himself may even be there to either help me present…or just heckle good-naturedly from the crowd if he wants. 😛

So now that we’ve come to a new year, with MOULa almost seven years old, I use this opportunity for a call to action. Now that Obduction has been released for a few months and fixed up quite nicely, I think it’s time to (gently) push Cyan to get some big fan content into MOULa. We’ve already had new clothing items added…and now it’s time to bring in the big stuff…actual Ages!

To that end, continue to donate to the CAVCON, since without it, we won’t even be able to keep the lights on, so to speak. Drop Cyan an e-mail and (again, politely!) say that you’d love to see new Ages in MOULa this year. We’ve been waiting ever so patiently and it’s time for some payoff, in my humble opinion.

So welcome to 2017! It looks to be quite an interesting year. 🙂


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