I’m Back, Baby!

Yikes!  I see the last time I even posted to the site was at the beginning of this year. That’s quite the unexpected hiatus.  I suppose an explanation is in order, eh?

Short version: real life decided to rear its ugly head and slap me about the face over and over again just to remind me it exists. Long version: there have been a few important things that came up, none really having to do with the world of Myst and URU, but all important enough to take me away from Age building and the community itself for a time.

First off, a good friend of mine went through a bad breakup and ended up staying at my place on and off for a month or so. Luckily, he’s since moved into a new place and seems to be much better, living life to the fullest as he so often does. As his friend, I am quite happy for him but remain at the ready, just as I do for those I care about.

Second, another friend was having money woes and wanted to get a second job here in Orlando. So, being the ever-helpful friend, I told him he could use my place to hang his hat so he could work the second job on the weekends, then return home to work the first job on the weekdays. While it was a process to set it all up and get a routine going, it’s now settled nicely and it’s been great having company on the weekends.

Third, there’s been an ongoing saga relating to issues with my apartment…particularly the power.  Every so often, for no apparent reason, the main breaker would just…snap!  One minute there’d be power, then the next…darkness and no AC. Plus, if I happened to be working on something and didn’t save…all that work would also go POOF.

After having many people come out to diagnose the problem, I ended up having two other breakers replaced, the entire AC system, inside and out, replaced, and finally, the main breaker itself replaced, which required the power company as well as the electrician to work in tandem. So far, that final fix has stopped the power outages. Fingers and toes crossed that it never happens again as long as I’m living here.


I’ve also taken over the position of admin/webmaster at Surrealist Pictures, a film production company started in 2015 by my buddy Brad Christensen. It’s been exciting so far and has kept my WordPress skills sharp at the very least. Plus, having your boss also be your best friend is SO awesome! In addition to that, I’ve been a guest a couple of times (so far) on his company’s podcast, Lost in Hyperspace, which also has been an absolute blast.

If you were looking for me at Mysterium this last weekend (August 4th to 6th), I was sorry to disappoint. To be honest, I really only wanted to go if:

  1. I could get one of my three choices for a roommate to go too, namely AgeExplorer and/or Hoikas. Sadly, neither of them could make it, and
  2. I had a presentation to give, which, given my lack of work on anything these last several months, didn’t come to fruition.

With all that said, I didn’t really see the point of going. We’ll see how next year goes and if I can get to St. Louis, MO in early August 2018.


Well, now that I’ve got that out of the way, what’s in store for the Ages of Doobes in 2017? I definitely want to finish the fan Age library and help OpenUru.org get the new GoMe Pub into their Minkata beta shard.  If the latter can be done, that’ll be one step closer to fan content in MOULa; all we’d need is a content delivery system, which the former project would cover until a proper fan Nexus is finished.


You may have also seen that MystiTech Productions has been releasing season one of their machinima series The Lost Art. They’ve been anxiously awaiting my return to finish some sets that they sent me that were originally modeled and textured by Dulcamara. I hope to get those finished by the end of this month, hopefully sooner.


Speaking of MystiTech sets, let’s talk about Stan’s Oasis.  Late last year, I said that the project had been suspended due to losing contact with the original project lead. MystiTech has changed their mind on using the location for filming, which, given my delays, I don’t blame them one bit.

Even so, there’s good news from Stan’s: not only have the project lead and I made amends and resumed regular contact, but commuting across rural central Florida has given us a few more ideas for things to add and improve. So the surface location and last-stop shop before the cavern is back in production, hopefully for a full release someday! Think of it as a cross between the cleft and Minkata, only with more to see than in the latter.


I also haven’t forgotten about the Memorial Age. As I’ve said previously, it’s mostly touch ups and various accoutrements needed to finish that one. Since the request for personal additions to the journals was a bust, they’ll have to be the generic entries for now.  Still, we won’t rule out updates in the future if people want to add something nice to them.

You getting tired yet? Sorry, but there’s more!

I’ve agreed to help bring the late, great Wamduskasapa’s work-in-progress Age, Blue Garden, to completion. I still need to look and see how much work needs to be done, but judging by the screenshot below, he was quite far along before his passing:

Blue Garden 01

Screenshot by Xenia Elizabeth Zilli

I hope we’ll be able to get as close to the man’s vision as possible. Still not entirely sure what all needs to be done aside from lightmapping perhaps, but we’ll see how things go. A master checklist is definitely in order!


And of course, there’s the Book of Lothias and the Ages that go along with the book. The Waystation, Kotsahvosahn, is still the furthest along, with Dovah Na’grenis in need of a re-examination and Teshafee having been “rebooted” not too long ago. As far as chapter 2 of the book, I still need to finish that, but it’s been started at least.


So yes…dusting off the cobwebs and restarting everything to hopefully finish out the year with a more productive and positive outlook.  Cyan willing, we will see some fan content in MOULa by the end of the year or early next.

Don’t quote me on that though. We’ll officially use Cyan’s patented “soon”.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!



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