All Guilds Meeting Chatlogs

A small note to those that haven’t noticed…and don’t follow the forum thread over at the Myst Online forums:

I’ve begun to host the raw and cleansed chatlogs for the All Guilds Meeting here on my site. This was done to help out since it’s uncertain when the Guild of Messengers site will be rebuilt, if at all.

I don’t plan on adding the several years of backlog, as the old GoMe site has the majority along with the Web Archived version of the second site (note that this link takes awhile to load and is a bit twitchy). The aforementioned forum thread should have the rest up until last April.

So yeah, keep checking back here for the latest chatlogs as Korov’ev sends ’em to me. They usually are posted the Sunday after…Monday at the latest. 😉



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