Age Projects

Cyan Content Projects

Descent (D’ni Tiwah)


The path from the surface to D’ni has been something almost every explorer has wanted to travel. Featured in the Descent Demo, in URU starting with To D’ni, and in Myst V, the Great Shaft has had many iterations over the years.

With the release of the Intangibles content in 2021, it’s my hope that we will complete the path to D’ni so that all can walk the journey of Atrus and his family.



Serving as a hub for the Myst V Ages, Direbo was originally meant to be purely a rest Age (despite not having an Eder in the name).

The Age will receive a fresh take on what it should have been before the Bahro modified it to their needs. We may add other Books here in the future.

Completed Ages/Locations

The Ae’gura Guild of Messengers Pub


A Pub for the Guild of Messengers located in Ae’gura.  An offshoot of the Guild Hall itself.

To visit the Pub, log into either Gehn Shard or The Open Cave, grab a GoMe T-Shirt from Kirel, then find the link in the Nexus!  It’s the same method to get to Cyan’s GoMe Guild Pub; both Gehn and TOC replaced it with the new Pub.

Status: Phase 5Complete (Updates Planned)

Chiso Preniv – A Fan Library


A project that is a place to store various fan Ages introduced into the shards and, hopefully, MOULa itself. This is a counterpart to the eventual fan Nexus once it’s finished.

Status: Phase 5 – Complete (Updates Planned)

Veelay Tsahvahn – The Memorial Age


A place to mourn, celebrate and remember real explorers we have lost over the years.  Fan content in the form of writings, art, music, etc can be included.

Status: Phase 5 – Complete

Works In Progress

Kotsahvosahn – The Waystation


One of three locations relating directly to The Book of Lothias.  This is where the journey will start.  If all goes well, this will be a public location, or if it can be done…and if people want it to be…it will act as a new style of hood!

Status: Phase 3

Dovah Na’grenis


Second location for the Journey of Lothias.  Further information restricted.

Status: Phase 2



Third and final location for the Journey of Lothias.  Further information restricted.

Status: Phase 1

Undisclosed Location


A small, tropical island somewhere on Earth.  Perfect for vacations! Somehow, it’s linked to Stan’s, but we can’t be sure.

Status: Phase 3

The Vale


A garden Age with very Earth-like sakura trees dotting the waterways.

Status: Phase 3

Stan’s Oasis


The last stop in civilization for The Called before heading out to Jeff Zandi’s land…and the cavern.

Status: Phase 3

Toteltee – Guild Meeting Place


A place within the cavern where the five major Guilds would meet.  This will not be part of the Guild Hall and will actually be by the water on a separate island.  All five Guilds currently represented in Kirel will also be featured here (Maintainers, Greeters, Cartographers, Messengers, Writers), but all Guilds will be welcome, of course.

Status: Phase 1

On Hiatus

Eder Rastekesh


This is the very first Age I started and is mostly a testing ground for learning Blender and PyPRP.

Status: On Indefinite Hiatus

Ahra Pahts – Shell 114


My shell design for the community-developed Age of Ahra Pahts.

Status: On Indefinite Hiatus