Age Projects

Completed Ages/Locations

The New Guild of Messengers Pub

The New Guild of Messengers Pub

A Pub for the Guild of Messengers located in Ae’gura.  An offshoot of the Guild Hall itself.

To visit the Pub, log into either Gehn Shard or The Open Cave, grab a GoMe T-Shirt from Kirel, then find the link in the Nexus!  It’s the same method to get to Cyan’s GoMe Guild Pub; both Gehn and TOC replaced it with the new Pub.

Status: Phase 5Complete (Updates Possible)

Works In Progress

Fan Age Library


A fast tracked project that will hopefully be a place to store various fan Ages introduced into the shards and, hopefully, MOULa itself. This will be a counterpart to the eventual fan Nexus once it’s finished.

Status: Phase 4

Tsahvahn Veelay – The Memorial Age


A place to mourn, celebrate and remember real explorers we have lost over the years.  Fan content in the form of writings, art, music, etc is to be included.

Status: Phase 4

Kotsahvosahn – The Waystation


One of three locations relating directly to The Book of Lothias.  This is where the journey will start.  If all goes well, this will be a public location, or if it can be done…and if people want it to be…it will act as a new style of hood!

Status: Phase 3

Dovah Na’grenis


Second location for the Journey of Lothias.  Further information restricted.

Status: Phase 2



Third and final location for the Journey of Lothias.  Further information restricted.

Status: Phase 1

Tsahvahn Gahrahno


A small, tropical island in the middle of a vast ocean.  Perfect for vacations!

Status: Phase 3

The Vale


A garden Age with very Earth-like willow trees dotting the waterways.

Status: Phase 3

Stan’s Oasis


The last stop in civilization for The Called before heading out to Jeff Zandi’s land…and the cavern.

Status: Phase 3

Teltokhuru – Guild Meeting Place


A place within the cavern where the five major Guilds would meet.  This will not be part of the Guild Hall and will actually be by the water on a separate island.  All five Guilds currently represented in Kirel will also be featured here (Maintainers, Greeters, Cartographers, Messengers, Writers), but all Guilds will be welcome, of course.

Status: Phase 1

On Hiatus

Eder Rastekesh


This is the very first Age I started and is mostly a testing ground for learning Blender and PyPRP.

Status: On Indefinite Hiatus

Ahra Pahts – Shell 114


My shell design for the community-developed Age of Ahra Pahts.

Status: On Indefinite Hiatus