April 2018


(04/07 14:29:44) GoMeDoobes: Hello everyone and welcome to the 96th All Guilds Meeting!

(04/07 14:29:49) Ro”Jethhe: What we do every month.

(04/07 14:29:54) GoMeDoobes: I am your host for today. I am filling in for Korov’ev, who had a medical emergency late last month.

(04/07 14:30:07) GoMeDoobes: Not to worry though…he’s doing much better. He was even discharged from the hospital yesterday!

(04/07 14:30:07) Ro”Jethhe: Can’t wait til the 100th meeting

(04/07 14:30:11) Emor D’ni Lap: August is #100!

(04/07 14:30:17) Tai’lahr: w00t! Good news.

(04/07 14:30:22) Acorn1: Good to hear, best wishes to Korov’ev

(04/07 14:30:24) Cajmira: 96 impresses me enough.

(04/07 14:30:32) GoMeDoobes: If you have time, be sure to send him some good vibes via PM on the forums and lets show him just how much he means to this community. 🙂

(04/07 14:30:40) JamieM(2.0): Good to hear bout Korov’ew

(04/07 14:30:50) GoMeDoobes: I also apologize to our friends in later time zones. My schedule outside the cavern…well…sucks. 😛

(04/07 14:30:54) shokhootahn Rehn: Definitely!

(04/07 14:31:02) GoMeDoobes: We’ll do our best to get through this efficiently though, so hang in there!

(04/07 14:31:09) Acorn1: this time actually suits me better lol

(04/07 14:31:11) GoMeDoobes: Now then…let’s see if I still remember how to do this. Kor set the bar pretty high, after all. Hehehe.

(04/07 14:31:21) GoMeDoobes: Remember the five meeting rules:

(04/07 14:31:22) shokhootahn Rehn: Oop, that was for Jamie, not Doobes. lol

(04/07 14:31:31) GoMeDoobes: 😛

(04/07 14:31:33) Cajmira: Rules?

(04/07 14:31:34) GoMeDoobes: 1. Please keep chatter to a minimum when a speaker is presenting. The occasional comment or emote is OK, but keep it respectful.

(04/07 14:32:32)GoMeDoobes: 2. Be sure
to PM me your questions and they will be automatically asked at the
appropriate time. Make sure a ? is in there to properly log it into
the queue.

(04/07 14:32:32)Ro”Jethhe: Turn all cell and mobile devices

(04/07 14:32:32)GoMeDoobes: 3. Speakers,
please let me know when you’re done presenting and ready for
questions and when you’re ready for the next question.

(04/07 14:32:32)davidmax: 😦

(04/07 14:32:32)Cajmira: heh

(04/07 14:32:32)Ro”Jethhe: hone?

(04/07 14:32:32)Tira: turns off ki

(04/07 14:32:32)GoMeDoobes: 4. If a
question’s answer is a bit too complicated or deviates from the
subject at hand, we may need to skip it. If that happens, you can
always PM the speaker once he or she leaves the stage.

(04/07 14:32:32)Max: behave, please!

(04/07 14:32:32)GoMeDoobes: 5. I’ll be
posting a raw chatlong on the AGM forum topic, and I’ll also host
this meeting’s raw AND cleansed chatlogs on my site at .

(04/07 14:32:32)JamieM(2.0): LOL@Tai

(04/07 14:32:32)GoMeDoobes: I’ll be
discussing with Kor later if he’d like to make that a regular thing
in lieu of the deceased GoMe site (which will hopefully be rebuilt
one day).

(04/07 14:32:32)GoMeDoobes: All that
said, let’s get to our first speaker!

(04/07 14:32:32)GoMeDoobes: Please
welcome Jamie Marchant to the stage!

(04/07 14:32:32)Sleeper Jan: claps

(04/07 14:34:40)Melm12: claps

(04/07 14:34:40)mTX17: WE LOVE YOU, JAMIE!!!

(04/07 14:34:40)JamieM(2.0): Thank you!

(04/07 14:34:40)GoMeDoobes: 😀

(04/07 14:34:40)JamieM(2.0): Today I have TOO events!

(04/07 14:34:40)JamieM(2.0): My first event is a tour of some
of places around the city.

(04/07 14:34:40)JamieM(2.0): *two

(04/07 14:34:40)JamieM(2.0): It will be on the Gehn shard! I
will be giving a tour of other public city areas that includes fan
created areas!

(04/07 14:34:40)JamieM(2.0): We will be stopping by the Guild
Of Messenger pub and public Great Zero, so make sure you do the
appropriate marker* missions and get a Guild shirt from Kiral!

(04/07 14:34:40)GoMeDoobes:

(04/07 14:34:40)GoMeDoobes: 😉

(04/07 14:34:40)JamieM(2.0): We start in Kiral at 13 Ki time
on Saturday the 21st!

(04/07 14:34:40)Acorn1: Who made that pub, now? hmmm

(04/07 14:36:48)Rabbit: what is Kiral?

(04/07 14:36:48)Max: eeeh… April?

(04/07 14:36:48)Tai’lahr: (Kirel)

(04/07 14:36:48)GoMeDoobes: Kirel,

(04/07 14:36:48)Rabbit: oh

(04/07 14:36:48)Rabbit: lol

(04/07 14:36:48)GoMeDoobes: Shhh. 🙂

(04/07 14:36:48)JamieM(2.0): Yes April, is that a problem

(04/07 14:36:48)Cajmira: Can’t make April 2019

(04/07 14:36:48)JamieM(2.0): Wait did I spell it wong, if so
I’ll correct the thread annoncement

(04/07 14:36:48)Max: no… but there’s some events happening here
21st & 22nd

(04/07 14:36:48)Minasunda: yep

(04/07 14:36:48)JamieM(2.0): LOL 2018 Cajrmir

(04/07 14:36:48)Cajmira: (relief)

(04/07 14:36:48)JamieM(2.0): Really, missed that one, probally
have to move it

(04/07 14:36:48)JamieM(2.0): What event is there?

(04/07 14:36:48)GoMeDoobes: OK guys,
there will be time for discussion later. Let’s let Jamie continue.

(04/07 14:38:56)JamieM(2.0): My secound event will be on the
Barho. I will present about them at a Heritage Night on the 28th of
this month. It will be in the Heritage Night hood at 13 Ki time.

(04/07 14:38:56)JamieM(2.0): I am no expert so I was thinking
we could have a talk and share what we do know about these
mysterious creatures who inhabit our city. See you there!

(04/07 14:38:56)JamieM(2.0): Any questionts about either

(04/07 14:38:56)JamieM(2.0): Someone said there was a
clonflight with the first one?

(04/07 14:38:56)GoMeDoobes: I have none
in the queue, but I assume the scheduling will be fiddled with a

(04/07 14:38:56)shokhootahn Rehn: There is a D’ni New

(04/07 14:38:56)Minasunda: yep

(04/07 14:38:56)shokhootahn Rehn: *Year celebration and Story
Night – Europe

(04/07 14:38:56)JamieM(2.0): Ah I see. Myt that one

(04/07 14:38:56)GoMeDoobes: We have a
calendar over on the GoMe Google account you can reference:

(04/07 14:38:56)JamieM(2.0): Ok show of hands, who would
prefer my tour to be at this time?

(04/07 14:41:04)JamieM(2.0): Oh I should add that to my
clander 🙂

(04/07 14:41:04)GoMeDoobes:

(04/07 14:41:04)JamieM(2.0): Can you still hear me?

(04/07 14:41:04)Acorn1: Yes

(04/07 14:41:04)GoMeDoobes: Sorry, was
having trouble copying and pasting that.

(04/07 14:41:04)GoMeDoobes: No, you’re

(04/07 14:41:04)JamieM(2.0): Ah I see.

(04/07 14:41:04)Boywhith: Yeah i hear you Jamie! We are all
speechless! 😉

(04/07 14:41:04)JamieM(2.0): LOL

(04/07 14:41:04)GoMeDoobes: So final
dates to be determined then?

(04/07 14:41:04)mTX17: lol

(04/07 14:41:04)JamieM(2.0): Annways see you latter

(04/07 14:41:04)GoMeDoobes: Lots of
stuff going on on the weekends here. That’s good to see. 🙂

(04/07 14:41:04)Acorn1: Well done Jamie!

(04/07 14:43:12)GoMeDoobes: Best to keep
an eye out in the Events section of the MOUL forums. I imagine Jamie
will post updates there. 🙂

(04/07 14:43:12)mTX17: nice as rice

(04/07 14:43:12)GoMeDoobes: Wow, I’m
having some really heavy flashbacks right now. LOL!

(04/07 14:43:12)GoMeDoobes: Ah,
memories. 😛

(04/07 14:43:12)GoMeDoobes: Next up…a
strong round of /claps and /cheers for Minasunda!

(04/07 14:43:12)Melm12: claps

(04/07 14:43:12)Minasunda: Dear explorers and friends

(04/07 14:43:12)Ro”Jethhe: hip hip

(04/07 14:43:12)mTX17: HOORAY!

(04/07 14:43:12)Minasunda: There are two holidays ahead: On
April 21, D’ni New Year and on April 22, Mother Earth Day.

(04/07 14:43:12)Ro”Jethhe: hooray for Mina

(04/07 14:43:12)Minasunda: The Nulp Dance Group has prepared a
show for Mother Earth Day. But – our best Mir-O-Bot aka Mirphak will
be on his well deserved vacation at the time 🙂

(04/07 14:45:20)Minasunda: Therefore, the dance show will be
already on April 14th. It takes place in Mir-O-Bots Jalak at 13 KI.

(04/07 14:45:20)Minasunda: On arrival please leave the stage
immediately and go to the spectator area. Do not worry, you will not
fall. Onlake will be on. And of course do not use the Jalak console,
not magic commands and do not move the pillars please.

(04/07 14:45:20)Minasunda: The dance show lasts about 40
minutes. Followed by a dance party with Yoda’s fireworks / light

(04/07 14:45:20) GoMeDoobes: Think of it like fine art: look but don’t touch. 😉

(04/07 14:45:20)Minasunda: Music stream for this event –

(04/07 14:45:20)Ro”Jethhe: You break it you bought it.

(04/07 14:45:20)Minasunda: On April 21, we celebrate D’ni New
Year with a dance party – in Eder Gira.

(04/07 14:45:20)Minasunda: Since Mir-O-Bot will not be there,
Yoda gives us the opportunity to get to Gira without any trouble. I
will post the KI number in the forum after a test.

(04/07 14:45:20)Minasunda: Yoda will also beautify this event
with fireworks. Thank you very much, Yoda 🙂

(04/07 14:47:28)Minasunda: Music stream for this event: 13 – 15 KI. From 15 KI Joker will take over
the music stream.

(04/07 14:47:28)Minasunda: On April 22, we celebrate Mother
Earth Day with a dance party in Eder Tsogal. For this we us the Eder
Tsogal Garden via Guild of Greeters Hood.

(04/07 14:47:28)Minasunda: For the Dance Party, Eternal Seeker
( will be stream 13 – 15 KI and Max 15 – 17
KI (

(04/07 14:47:28)Minasunda: In the forum and on Facebook you
will find the information again to read.

(04/07 14:47:28)Minasunda: Any questions?

(04/07 14:47:28)GoMeDoobes: Our next
question is from JamieM(2.0).

(04/07 14:47:28)GoMeDoobes:
[JamieM(2.0)] Since we are going to a magic age, can I come dressed
as a Barho?

(04/07 14:47:28)GoMeDoobes: 😀

(04/07 14:47:28)Tai’lahr: (Bahro, Jamie, it’s spelled Bahro.)

(04/07 14:47:28)Ro”Jethhe: A Barho dressed in a Maintainer’s

(04/07 14:47:28)mTX17: as Esher *eg* 🙂

(04/07 14:47:28)Minasunda: if you want you can come …. lol

(04/07 14:49:36)GoMeDoobes: Our next
question is from shokhootahn Rehn.

(04/07 14:49:36)GoMeDoobes:
[shokhootahn Rehn] ?How long do you expect the post-event dance
party to last?

(04/07 14:49:36)Minasunda: 1 or 2 hours

(04/07 14:49:36)Minasunda: open end if you want

(04/07 14:49:36) GoMeDoobes: I’ve definitely seen parties that continued on long after their “end” time. 🙂

(04/07 14:49:36)Minasunda: yep

(04/07 14:49:36)GoMeDoobes: That’s all
in the queue. Any other questions?

(04/07 14:49:36)Minasunda: thank you 🙂

(04/07 14:51:44)Tira: good

(04/07 14:51:44)Max: excellent, Mina & all

(04/07 14:51:44)GoMeDoobes: Heh…it’s a
good thing Kor keeps such good care of the calendar. So many events!

(04/07 14:51:44)GoMeDoobes: Our next
speaker is…Viktor Riven!

(04/07 14:51:44)Viktor Riven: Well… Thankyou very much! I’m
a little bit excited..

(04/07 14:51:44)GoMeDoobes: 🙂

(04/07 14:51:44)Rabbit: lol

(04/07 14:51:44)Viktor Riven: So, I’m happy to announce that
the video of the event “The Pages, The Ages”,

(04/07 14:51:44)Viktor Riven: which took place on March 5th,

(04/07 14:51:44)Viktor Riven: has been finally finished!

(04/07 14:51:44)Viktor Riven: The link,

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven: which should be active in about
one hour,

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven: is:

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven:

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven: Well, a surprise: the video,

(04/07 14:53:52)GoMeDoobes: (again, this
will all be in the chatlogs)

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven: originally in italian language,

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven: has been fully subtitled in
english for everyone!

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven: I would thank everybody who
chosen to join us.

(04/07 14:53:52)Acorn1: Wow!

(04/07 14:53:52)Cajmira: Cool! Thanks!

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven: I would alsk express my thanks
to the whole Uru Community, the only one capable of hosting events
of this kinds!

(04/07 14:53:52)Boywhith: Sadly I’ve missed the recording 😦

(04/07 14:53:52)Viktor Riven: So, thanks to everyone!

(04/07 14:56:00)Sleeper Jan: claps

(04/07 14:56:00)GoMeDoobes: Grazie,

(04/07 14:56:00)Viktor Riven: Grazie a voi! 😀 😀 😀

(04/07 14:56:00)GoMeDoobes: Onward we

(04/07 14:56:00)GoMeDoobes: Another warm
round of applause for Hummingbird!

(04/07 14:56:00)Max: ho ho HB…

(04/07 14:56:00)Hummingbird: Shorah. The Mystitec team is
still looking for avatar actors and crew members.Look for us on FB
or You Tube or PM me on FB for info.

(04/07 14:56:00)Hummingbird: Thank you.

(04/07 14:56:00)GoMeDoobes:

(04/07 14:56:00)GoMeDoobes: 🙂

(04/07 14:58:08)GoMeDoobes: See? Told ya
we’d keep it moving briskly for ya.

(04/07 14:58:08)GoMeDoobes: Lastly, to
finish out the meeting, we have the familiar and welcome face of…

(04/07 15:00:16)GoMeDoobes: *dramatic

(04/07 15:00:16)GoMeDoobes: shokhootahn

(04/07 15:00:16)Ro”Jethhe: Who?

(04/07 15:00:16)mTX17: MARRY ME, r’TAY!!!!

(04/07 15:00:16)shokhootahn Rehn: lol

(04/07 15:00:16)GoMeDoobes: XD

(04/07 15:00:16)shokhootahn Rehn: Would you accept Merry? 😉

(04/07 15:00:16)mTX17: sure 🙂

(04/07 15:00:16)Susa’n: bromance

(04/07 15:00:16)mTX17: lol

(04/07 15:00:16)shokhootahn Rehn: lol

(04/07 15:00:16)Ro”Jethhe: mTX will except any Mary.

(04/07 15:00:16)mTX17: ssshhh

(04/07 15:00:16)Rabbit: ooooooh

(04/07 15:00:16)mTX17: *blush*

(04/07 15:00:16)shokhootahn Rehn: As usual, I have two
separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the
other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.

(04/07 15:02:24)shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language

(04/07 15:02:24)shokhootahn Rehn: My apologies for the
changing schedules for the language classes in March but I ended up
traveling for most of that month. I *should* be at home for the
month of April.

(04/07 15:02:24)shokhootahn Rehn: However, should that change,
keep an eye on the events forum on as well as the
left-hand imager in the Guild hood for any updates.

(04/07 15:02:24)Rabbit: oh yeah, and a hard rain ‘should’ fall

(04/07 15:02:24)mTX17: 🙂

(04/07 15:02:24)shokhootahn Rehn: Today we finished up the
lesson on numbers. Next week, we will start on letters. Thos who
missed this week’s lesson should contact me via pm or KI mail to et
up a make up time.

(04/07 15:04:32)shokhootahn Rehn: *set up

(04/07 15:04:32)shokhootahn Rehn: There is still time to start
the lessons for those still interested but were unable to attend the
first class. If anyone is still interested, please contact me via PM
or KI mail (include your KI number in the body of the message)
during this meeting or immeddiately after.

(04/07 15:04:32)shokhootahn Rehn: I will remain here in Kirel
after the meeting to discuss times and dates to get you caught up
for next week’s lesson. I will stay here for 15 minutes after the
meeting is over.

(04/07 15:06:40) GoMeDoobes: Excellent!

(04/07 15:06:40)Cajmira: Truly great offer!

(04/07 15:06:40)Rabbit: yes

(04/07 15:06:40)artopia: thanks

(04/07 15:06:40)shokhootahn Rehn: After that, I will be in
Tsahno’s Hood (as r’Tayrtahn) following this meeting — until the
start of Story Night – Europe — for those who are interested in
learning the language or for any who have questions. Also, I will be
in the Guild of Instructors’ Hood, tonight (Saturday), starting at
22:00 KI time for a half hour.

(04/07 15:06:40)Mr Hat: Henry Mikel is out of Meningioma
surgery and has received letters of condolences from RAWA, Rand and
Chogon…..he siad hes still blushing at the compliment 🙂

(04/07 15:06:40)Mr Hat: and getting better every day, and
cleared for driving

(04/07 15:08:48)shokhootahn Rehn: Before I get to my second
announcement, are there any questions?

(04/07 15:08:48)Rabbit: Yeah for Henry

(04/07 15:08:48)GoMeDoobes: None in the
queue. And yes, glad to hear about Henry!

(04/07 15:08:48)Cajmira: Excellent news!

(04/07 15:08:48)Emor D’ni Lap: thank you Mr. Hat for that update

(04/07 15:08:48)GoMeDoobes: Any
questions for the first announcement before we get to the second?

(04/07 15:08:48)Mr Hat: :)))

(04/07 15:08:48)shokhootahn Rehn: My second announcement is
about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.

(04/07 15:08:48)shokhootahn Rehn: Tonight, and for the next 24
weeks, we will continue with the history of the kings of D’ni.

(04/07 15:08:48)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the
public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.

(04/07 15:08:48)shokhootahn Rehn: Regular Story Night is held
at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s
fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.

(04/07 15:08:48)Cajmira: This is terrific stuff, folks! Always

(04/07 15:08:48)Cajmira: Very late for me, but worth staying up

(04/07 15:10:56)shokhootahn Rehn: For Story Night – Europe, we
gather at the fountain on Saturdays starting about 13:30 KI time
with the story starting about 14:00 KI time (or 30 minutes after the
end of the AGM, whichever is later).

(04/07 15:10:56)shokhootahn Rehn: An exception will the the
new year celebration on the 21st, when we will start at 14:30… to
allow for time at the post-celebrationj dance party. 🙂

(04/07 15:10:56)shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using
voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.

(04/07 15:10:56) GoMeDoobes: And voice chat enabled. 😉

(04/07 15:10:56)shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the
start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to
receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI
number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list.
His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of
the sender o it must be added to the body of the text.

(04/07 15:13:04)shokhootahn Rehn: YOU *MUST* INCLUDE YOUR KI

(04/07 15:13:04)shokhootahn Rehn: Some have sent me messages
to be added but have not included their KI mail so I was unable to
add them.

(04/07 15:13:04)shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!

(04/07 15:13:04)shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions?

(04/07 15:13:04)GoMeDoobes: Our next
question is from Kayara.

(04/07 15:13:04)GoMeDoobes:
[Kayara] How long does it usually take to go a fulll loop through
the whole history of D’ni?

(04/07 15:13:04)shokhootahn Rehn: Two years, give or take a

(04/07 15:13:04)Mr Hat: a.g.e.s

(04/07 15:13:04)GoMeDoobes: O_O

(04/07 15:13:04)GoMeDoobes: It is quite
the saga.

(04/07 15:13:04)shokhootahn Rehn: There are a total of 104

(04/07 15:13:04)mTX17: well, lots of pages to flip

(04/07 15:13:04)Kayara: Hat: lol

(04/07 15:13:04)shokhootahn Rehn: Any other questions?

(04/07 15:13:04)Susa’n: sometimes he talks using a girl’s voice

(04/07 15:13:04)GoMeDoobes: That’s all
in the queue. Anything else?

(04/07 15:15:12)shokhootahn Rehn: lol

(04/07 15:15:12)shokhootahn Rehn: Yess, I do various voices,
as well. 🙂

(04/07 15:15:12)mTX17: Isn’t it his pet talking to us? 🙂

(04/07 15:15:12)Rabbit: and various accents!

(04/07 15:15:12)shokhootahn Rehn: As an aside, both events
(lessons and Story Nights) are listed on the GoMe calendar at

(04/07 15:15:12)GoMeDoobes: Whew! Thank
you all for sticking with me this meeting. I know it started late
and all. 🙂

(04/07 15:15:12)Emor D’ni Lap: thanks for all your work,

(04/07 15:15:12)shokhootahn Rehn: You’re welcome!

(04/07 15:15:12)GoMeDoobes: As for the
list of events coming up, I’m sadly not as good at that as Kor, but
to be fair, a lot of the upcoming ones were discussed here today,

(04/07 15:15:12)mTX17: we appreciate your effort, Doobes

(04/07 15:17:20)Susa’n: Doobes and all the speakers!

(04/07 15:17:20)GoMeDoobes: Just be sure
to keep checking the GoMe calendar at:

(04/07 15:17:20)GoMeDoobes: And with
that, this AGM draws to a close. Assuming he’s up for it, Korov’ev
will be back next month to moderate.

(04/07 15:17:20)GoMeDoobes: Again, the
raw chatlog will be posted on the forums in the usual topic and I
shall host both versions at my site:

(04/07 15:17:20)Sleeper Jan: thanks 🙂

(04/07 15:17:20)Rabbit: give Kor my love

(04/07 15:17:20)GoMeDoobes:

(04/07 15:17:20)Kayara: brb

(04/07 15:17:20)Acorn1: Thanks for stepping in, Doobes

(04/07 15:17:20)Ro”Jethhe: Good 7TH Inning stretch.

(04/07 15:17:20)GoMeDoobes: The next All
Guilds Meeting is scheduled for May 5th and will be back to the
usual 13:00 KI time (barring anything unexpectedly coming up).

(04/07 15:17:20)Sleeper Jan: claps

(04/07 15:17:20)Cpt.Jericho: You still got it, Doobes.

(04/07 15:17:20)GoMeDoobes: Thanks for

(04/07 15:17:20)Susa’n: GoMe ROCKS!