August 2018


(08/11 13:00:56)Korov’ev: Shorah and welcome to the >100th< All Guilds Meeting!

(08/11 13:01:10)Korov’ev: That’s “tor-see-ets”, for you D’ni language nerds.

(08/11 13:01:27)Kae Ebonrai: 100? already? my, hasn’t time flown!

(08/11 13:01:51)Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leetar 3, 9674, and the time is 1:16:5 (more or less); also, stardate -275,374.15

(08/11 13:02:03)GoMeDoobes: LOL!

(08/11 13:02:08)Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules…

(08/11 13:02:25)Korov’ev: The Rules are on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the Leopard”.

(08/11 13:02:39)Korov’ev starts talking like Goldfinger

(08/11 13:02:40)axenna: hAHAHAHAHA!

(08/11 13:02:40)Kae Ebonrai: sounds good to me =P

(08/11 13:02:57)Korov’ev: I’ll just remind you that a summary and a chatlog of the Meeting will be published in the next few days on the MOULa forums and on Doobes’ site. You all are expected to know the rest of the Rules by heart by now, so let’s get on with it, Mr. Bond.

(08/11 13:03:30)axenna: The Bahro are here

(08/11 13:03:30)Korov’ev: As you might have guessed… today will be a more free-form Meeting than usual, as we are going to have quite a few comebacks who will try (and fail) to steal my thunder throughout the event!

(08/11 13:03:42)GoMeDoobes: You’re on!

(08/11 13:03:48)Kae Ebonrai: I have no idea what you’re talking about.. >.>

(08/11 13:03:54)PodHopper: bring them on

(08/11 13:03:56)GoMeDoobes is confused too

(08/11 13:04:08)Korov’ev: But first, we have a cup (yes, a cup) of announcements from someone you know: let’s welcome Doobes!

(08/11 13:04:22)Adam {Hoikas} claps his trolls

(08/11 13:04:29)Rabbit is always confused

(08/11 13:04:31)Tweek rolls around on the floor

(08/11 13:04:44)GoMeDoobes: I believe those of you across the pond would call it a cuppa? Hehehe.

(08/11 13:04:58)GoMeDoobes: Why hello there, D’ni-dwellers! It’s good to be here on such an historic event…at least for our little group. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:05:10)GoMeDoobes: It’s crazy to hear that this event has been going on for over 8 years now! We’ve reached the big 100, which hopefully will continue on to many more.

(08/11 13:05:26)GoMeDoobes: Definitely need to thank everyone who has moderated, past and present, regular or substitute…such as our good friend Lyrositor, who saved my moderator backside on more than one occasion. XD

(08/11 13:05:38)GoMeDoobes: Aaaand he’s still “asleep”. LOL!

(08/11 13:05:44)GoMeDoobes: At least he’s here though!

(08/11 13:05:59)GoMeDoobes: Anyway!

(08/11 13:06:08)Anonymous Coward: !count

(08/11 13:06:17)GoMeDoobes: It *really* is good to see Ly. Takes me back to the good ol’ days, it does. Same goes for kae and AgeExplorer, very dear friends made years ago right here in the cavern.

(08/11 13:06:19)Tweek draws on Lyro’s face with a sharpie

(08/11 13:06:30)Kae Ebonrai: =D Glad to be here!

(08/11 13:06:34)GoMeDoobes: And of course, gotta give it up for our current moderator, Korov’ev, who has expertly handled things since I retired from the position.

(08/11 13:06:35)Korov’ev slips a firecracker under Lyros…

(08/11 13:06:45)Korov’ev thanks you very much!

(08/11 13:07:03)Korov’ev bows

(08/11 13:07:26)GoMeDoobes: “Awwww! Now enough of that mushy sentiment, Doobes…whatcha got for us vis a vis your Ages???”

(08/11 13:07:35)GoMeDoobes: Well…glad you asked! šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:07:38)Korov’ev: get on with it!

(08/11 13:07:40)Kae Ebonrai: …*gasp* that sounds like hax to me!

(08/11 13:07:51)GoMeDoobes: Hehehe. Plenty of those around here these days.

(08/11 13:07:55)GoMeDoobes: I’m currently working on one of the four new Ages I intend to release simultaneously along with an expanded GoMe Pub.

(08/11 13:07:57)Kae Ebonrai: about bloody time!

(08/11 13:08:06)axenna: Is confused

(08/11 13:08:14)GoMeDoobes: The one in question that has taken most of my time in the last few days is simply called “The Vale”. As you can probably tell, it has a bit of an Eder vibe to it.

(08/11 13:08:15)Dulcamara: Cool

(08/11 13:08:26)Tiara_NL: very pretty!

(08/11 13:08:29)GoMeDoobes: Why doesn’t it have the tell-tale “Eder” name attached to it? Well, here’s the kicker…while the Descriptive Book does use “The Art”, it was *not* written by a D’ni Writer.

(08/11 13:08:37)GoMeDoobes gasps

(08/11 13:08:41)Rabbit: it is anything like the Vale of Thrain?

(08/11 13:08:44)Kae Ebonrai: gasp! definitely hax!

(08/11 13:08:57)GoMeDoobes: Heh, no idea what that is Rabbit, but it sounds neat. šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:09:06)GoMeDoobes: While we’re not sure who exactly wrote the Age yet, we do know is was someone not of D’ni, which has been known to happen, but was very rare and quite unusual given the D’ni strict rules pertaining to Writing.

(08/11 13:09:21)GoMeDoobes: Most of the notes that were with the Book are in a non-D’ni dialect we have yet to translate, as we haven’t located any sort of primer yet. Suffice to say, this location’s name is a mystery as of yet.

(08/11 13:09:35)GoMeDoobes: So for now, simply…The Vale. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:09:47)GoMeDoobes: You can see some recent screenshots of the Age…both from Complete Chronicles AND the MOUL-based Destiny shard…at

(08/11 13:10:05)GoMeDoobes: Gotta love that Korman easy cross-exporting. šŸ˜‰

(08/11 13:10:09)axenna: Ill have to look

(08/11 13:10:16)GoMeDoobes: Again, I’m hoping for a late September release for that and the other four projects…or the end of the year at the very latest…on Deep Island, Gehn Shard, The Open Cave and offline URU almost simultaneously if it can be arranged.

(08/11 13:10:19)Kae Ebonrai: ..*shards* too, Doobes? I’m shocked!

(08/11 13:10:29)Kae Ebonrai: šŸ˜‰

(08/11 13:10:31)GoMeDoobes: I know, right? šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:10:48)Rabbit: on UAM shard too?

(08/11 13:10:49)GoMeDoobes: As for that lovely lightmapping you may have seen…or will see in the screenshots…I’ve perfected the way to do that so everyone can easily set it up!

(08/11 13:11:00)axenna: After the meeting can domeone educate me please

(08/11 13:11:07)GoMeDoobes: Rabbit, I have issues with UAM shard, so probably not. Long story.

(08/11 13:11:16)Rabbit: ogay

(08/11 13:11:32)GoMeDoobes: The only downside is the current method requires having to rebake the lightmaps each time, which can be a pain.

(08/11 13:11:42)GoMeDoobes: But worry not! Thanks to some fine programming from Hoikas, the next version of Korman will now do that for you each time you export. So thank you to Hoikas!

(08/11 13:11:58)GoMeDoobes: Ah, there he is.

(08/11 13:11:59)GoMeDoobes salutes

(08/11 13:12:03)Dulcamara: Cool

(08/11 13:12:12)enders n TD hit a deer in Mont, never made it to Glacier Park today

(08/11 13:12:16)Kae Ebonrai: Yay for Korman, and yay for the hacker in chief, Hoikas!

(08/11 13:12:23)GoMeDoobes: It will still require setting up the material and transparent texture…but after that, you can go to town. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:12:44)GoMeDoobes: Once the new version of Korman is released, I’ll be writing up an easy to follow tutorial on how you can cast light through transparent textures. As you can see, it looks great…although a bit static. šŸ˜‰

(08/11 13:13:14)GoMeDoobes: So if you’ve got windows or leaves or anything that has a transparent texture that used to come out all blocky in a lightmap…that’ll be a thing of the past. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:13:30)Kae Ebonrai: that sounds brilliant, tbh. good job lads.

(08/11 13:13:30)GoMeDoobes: And that’s all from me. Any questions?

(08/11 13:13:39)AgeExplorer: What no tree shadows that sway with the breeze? LOL

(08/11 13:13:43)Korov’ev: Is the Minkata shard in the picture, too?

(08/11 13:13:52)GoMeDoobes: Yes indeed.

(08/11 13:13:53)Tweek: cool, that means I won’t have to manually tweak mine in photoshop anymore.

(08/11 13:13:56)Kae Ebonrai: Doobes: How did you become such a dirty hax, after all this time? ā¤

(08/11 13:14:10)GoMeDoobes: I’d be happy to furnish them with the Age files to play with and squeeze onto Minkata shard.

(08/11 13:14:18)GoMeDoobes: LOL! Years of practice, Kae. XD

(08/11 13:14:23)Kae Ebonrai: good to hear!

(08/11 13:14:39)GoMeDoobes: Dabbling in the dark arts does produce some neat results, eh? Hehehe.

(08/11 13:14:44)Korov’ev: and at some time on MOULa, too, then šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:14:50)GoMeDoobes: Hope so!

(08/11 13:14:51)Kae Ebonrai: i mean, i said as much for years =P

(08/11 13:14:57)GoMeDoobes: Any other questions?

(08/11 13:15:05)Korov’ev: none in queue

(08/11 13:15:06)Tweek: Yeah when someone finishes the Gateway Nexus <eyes Tweek>

(08/11 13:15:16)Kae Ebonrai: you guys still haven’t done that?

(08/11 13:15:18)GoMeDoobes wonders why Tweek is crossing his eyes šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:15:29)axenna: IT’S RAINING!!!!!!

(08/11 13:15:29)GoMeDoobes: OK! Thanks everyone!

(08/11 13:15:32)GoMeDoobes bows

(08/11 13:15:34)Tweek: Kae> Been busy I have a good 8 or 9 Ages on the go.

(08/11 13:15:42)Adam {Hoikas} trolls his hands

(08/11 13:15:46)Korov’ev: Thank you Doobes! Don’t run away šŸ˜‰

(08/11 13:16:00)Korov’ev: Next, some news about the Cavern Events: let’s hear it from Attaboy20!

(08/11 13:16:09)enders claps everyones hands

(08/11 13:16:20)Susa’n claps enders’ hands

(08/11 13:16:47)Attaboy20: Shorah fellow explorers. As many of you know the Cavern Events hood was founded by Zeke365 a year ago. It has been abandoned for a long time.

(08/11 13:16:52)GoMeDoobes hands Lyrositor a blanket and pillow for old time’s sake

(08/11 13:17:23)Attaboy20: However, I am planning to resurrect the hood to it’s original standards which are, to encourage player exploration, Inform people of events, and there might even be a few of my own events that I will schedule here and there. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:17:36)Thumbs up from Susa’n

(08/11 13:17:42)GoMeDoobes: Excellent!

(08/11 13:17:54)Attaboy20: For example, a gathering of Cat Lovers at the Guild of Cat lovers hood coming up soon! (Don’t go if you’re allergic). If you have an event you would like posted to the imager please send a KI mail to my alternate avvie Attaboyrish (KI:7903211).

(08/11 13:19:08)Attaboy20: Also to avoid confusion please only send event related stuff to that avvie and NOT Attaboy20 šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:19:23)Attaboy20: And that’s a wrap. Any questions?

(08/11 13:19:31)Korov’ev: none in queue

(08/11 13:19:47)Korov’ev: Thank you Attaboy20!

(08/11 13:19:53)Susa’n sent GoMe’s event list to Attaboyrish

(08/11 13:20:13)Korov’ev: So… 100 Meetings!

(08/11 13:20:22)Korov’ev: How did it all start?

(08/11 13:20:32)Korov’ev: The AGM as we know today can be traced back to the Kirel Guild & Group Fair back in April 2010,

(08/11 13:20:40)Korov’ev: although All Guilds Meetings (in my understanding, closer to Q&A sessions) have been held at least since 2007.

(08/11 13:20:48)Korov’ev: Back then Bahro were real bahro, and the Community was quite a lot larger and more active than today.

(08/11 13:21:09)Korov’ev: Now, while I’ve been a Cyan fan since Cosmic Osmo, I made it to the live Cavern only in around 2012, so I cannot retell any personal experience.

(08/11 13:21:10)GoMeDoobes: Crazy times back then.

(08/11 13:21:23)Korov’ev: For this reason, I’m enlisting the help of some honoured guests who have been around far longer than me, starting with… Doobes, who I succeded in moderating duties in January 2016, and later as ‘Master’ of the Guild of Messengers.

(08/11 13:21:24)Kae Ebonrai: it certainly was a Different Time

(08/11 13:21:40)Korov’ev points

(08/11 13:21:40)Korov’ev: (Thought I would be doing this all by myself?)

(08/11 13:21:49)Korov’ev starts to laugh

(08/11 13:21:50)GoMeDoobes: Heh, sorry. LOL!

(08/11 13:21:58)GoMeDoobes: Figured I’d join ya.

(08/11 13:22:15)GoMeDoobes: You *said* informal. šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:22:34)Kae Ebonrai: i mean you brought me back in.. Informal’s the most likely outcome =P

(08/11 13:22:38)Korov’ev: And of course AgeExplorer, Kae Ebonrai, Tweek and all the old-timers!

(08/11 13:22:40)Tweek: At least you’re wearing pants

(08/11 13:22:43)Kae Ebonrai: =D

(08/11 13:22:44)GoMeDoobes laughs

(08/11 13:22:56)GoMeDoobes: I’ll just…be here. Hehehe.

(08/11 13:23:00)AgeExplorer: LOL

(08/11 13:23:10)Kae Ebonrai: Pity i couldn’t wrangle Whil >.>

(08/11 13:23:17)GoMeDoobes: Maybe someday.

(08/11 13:23:18)enders adjusts his kilt

(08/11 13:23:27)Korov’ev: So, how was the Meeting when you first started moderating it?

(08/11 13:23:51)Kae Ebonrai: Well, there were certainly a group of rascals that made it.. tricky šŸ˜‰

(08/11 13:24:01)GoMeDoobes: Who, me? šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:24:29)Kae Ebonrai: i’m guessing you, Doobes =P

(08/11 13:24:35)GoMeDoobes: It was nerve-wracking. I got a great primer from Leonardo, my predecessor, but it was still not enough to cure the nervousness at the time. šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:24:49)Kae Ebonrai: Leo was *amazing* and so was doobes =P

(08/11 13:25:03)GoMeDoobes: Wish he could have been here. Sadly, RL kept him away, but I’m sure he sends his regards.

(08/11 13:25:11)Kae Ebonrai: *sad*

(08/11 13:25:23)GoMeDoobes: Before I took over, I was just one of the background guys. Nev’yn likes to do the same.

(08/11 13:25:38)GoMeDoobes: I was cataloging the chatlogs and writing up the summaries, so Leo felt I was the best choice to take over.

(08/11 13:25:39)Korov’ev: Oh, yes, if I remember correctly you succeded Leo in moderating duties and as Master of the GoMe in 2012, right?

(08/11 13:25:47)GoMeDoobes: Still don’t know why. šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:26:04)Kae Ebonrai: because you were damn good at it, lad =P

(08/11 13:26:06)GoMeDoobes: As you probably found though, you get used to it with a routine.

(08/11 13:26:13)GoMeDoobes: Aw, thanks Kae. šŸ˜€

(08/11 13:26:27)GoMeDoobes: It WAS a bit of an art handling you and Whil. Hehehe.

(08/11 13:26:45)Kae Ebonrai: it sure was, a different time, indeed

(08/11 13:26:51)GoMeDoobes: Indeed.

(08/11 13:27:17)Korov’ev: in my case, so far I – mostly – had orderly crowd šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:27:32)GoMeDoobes: You even had a few ideas I never thought of, which is great.

(08/11 13:27:36)Kae Ebonrai: it was.. pretty rowdy of a community back then, too

(08/11 13:27:59)GoMeDoobes: Sorry, had to sit next to mah buddy Age. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:28:01)Kae Ebonrai: lots of people with Ideas, and a lot of rifts between them

(08/11 13:28:06)Tweek: I could make a few Fall of D’ni cocktails…nothing will be orderly then.

(08/11 13:28:07)GoMeDoobes: And yeah, we were a crazy bunch.

(08/11 13:28:10)Korov’ev: Guilds were also more structured, and maybe more relevant, right?

(08/11 13:28:11)AgeExplorer: šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:28:19)Kae Ebonrai: not… exactly

(08/11 13:28:24)Kae Ebonrai: the messengers were

(08/11 13:28:30)AgeExplorer: define structured LOL

(08/11 13:28:42)Kae Ebonrai: well.. more than the others =P

(08/11 13:28:46)Susa’n wonders if he’s describing GameTap MOUL days

(08/11 13:28:50)Christian Walther: existent?

(08/11 13:28:53)GoMeDoobes: True. Still, once you got to know everyone, it was quite informal. I think that’s why the Guild has lasted so long while others did not.

(08/11 13:29:23)GoMeDoobes: You gotta have a rapport with those you work with…even on a fictional Guild.

(08/11 13:29:26)Korov’ev: I mean, they had defined roles, with websites and forums and meetings

(08/11 13:29:36)Kae Ebonrai: not.. really, no

(08/11 13:29:36)Tweek: That and people like talking about what they’re up to which the AGM is a good platform for.

(08/11 13:29:53)Kae Ebonrai: i mean, forums yes, meetings… not quite as much as you might think =P

(08/11 13:30:08)Korov’ev: oh, I see šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:30:46)GoMeDoobes: I’d say it’s safe to say it was different for everyone. I myself have met some very good people at the Guild and in URU, including but not limited to the two I’m sitting between right now and my current roommate.

(08/11 13:31:05)GoMeDoobes: And of course, our esteemed moderator. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:31:10)Kae Ebonrai: oh indeed – The messengers were always my home away from home =P

(08/11 13:31:24)Kae Ebonrai: and i think one of the more ‘guild like’ of guilds =P

(08/11 13:31:35)GoMeDoobes: Absolutely!

(08/11 13:31:47)Korov’ev: and the guild of haxxors, I guess? šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:32:02)Kae Ebonrai: XD I was definitely amongst the writers for a long time, yes =P

(08/11 13:32:03)Tweek: Guild of Writers is the one true guild everyone knows that

(08/11 13:32:07)Kae Ebonrai: XD

(08/11 13:32:27)Adam {Hoikas} quietly passes out pamphlets for the Guild of Guilds

(08/11 13:32:44)Kae Ebonrai: Guild of [[Message Redacted]] too >.>

(08/11 13:32:55)Attaboy20: It’s not really quiet when you use /me because everyone knows… lol

(08/11 13:33:08)axenna is confused

(08/11 13:33:13)Korov’ev: that`s fine, as long as Adam doesn`t start passing out a hat for money, too

(08/11 13:33:20)GoMeDoobes: I’d only lurked at GoW when I started Age building. While I’ve always had respect for them, I truly got to see how fantastic they are at what they do when I was getting the Pub ready for online shards. They worked their butts off to get that working. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:33:36)Tweek: I dunno…Adam wants that pizza

(08/11 13:33:44)Kae Ebonrai: mmm… pizza

(08/11 13:33:51)AgeExplorer: pizza where?!

(08/11 13:33:55)GoMeDoobes: Heh…and of course I just ate. šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:34:05)Adam {Hoikas}: as soon as thi meeting is over, I’m driving to the pizza huts

(08/11 13:34:06)Tweek: not at Adam’s house apparently

(08/11 13:34:07)Kae Ebonrai: goddamnit, i could *totally* go a pizza right now, thanks Tweek =P

(08/11 13:34:12)Korov’ev: too late, I finished it!

(08/11 13:34:18)Tweek: you’re welcome

(08/11 13:34:25)axenna: Im so hungry. have to go shopping as wwe have no food

(08/11 13:34:29)Kae Ebonrai: too bad its like 5am

(08/11 13:35:03)GoMeDoobes: If you’ve ever been in URU for more than five minutes and HAVEN’T gotten hungry due to someone talking food, then consider yourself lucky.

(08/11 13:35:12)GoMeDoobes: It’s like…inevitable. šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:35:26)Susa’n: use your 3D printer to make a pizza

(08/11 13:35:39)axenna: Lol doobes

(08/11 13:35:47)GoMeDoobes: This is why we do what we do though…the community. The people. It’s why the game is still here. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:35:48)shokhootahn Rehn: lol@food/lucky

(08/11 13:36:05)Kae Ebonrai: i mean, there *are* 3d printers which do that, but not mine =P

(08/11 13:36:10)axenna: This game is amazing. im so glad i stumbled across that fb group

(08/11 13:36:14)Tweek looks around then quietly opens a box of Jaffa Cakes.

(08/11 13:36:16)Kae Ebonrai: i don’t think hot plastic would be trasty

(08/11 13:36:19)PodHopper: the bottom of this pizza tastes like cardboard…

(08/11 13:36:20)AgeExplorer: 3D printed pizza eh?

(08/11 13:36:21)Kae Ebonrai: *tasty

(08/11 13:36:33)axenna: Mmm jaff cakes

(08/11 13:36:35)Kae Ebonrai: well, maybe not pizza, but they can ‘print’ food. dunno how well

(08/11 13:36:42)axenna steals tweeks jaffa cakes

(08/11 13:36:49)axenna: Well, just a few

(08/11 13:36:49)Tweek: o.o

(08/11 13:36:53)GoMeDoobes: I’ve forged friendships here that I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world. So what I do is really the least I can do to give back.

(08/11 13:36:57)Theo: They can do impressive things with chocolate!

(08/11 13:36:58)Korov’ev: alright, we have an additional speaker: let`s welcome shokhootahn Rehn!

(08/11 13:37:07)Kae Ebonrai: definitely!

(08/11 13:37:11)Susa’n: lol@Theo

(08/11 13:37:12)GoMeDoobes: Interlude over! Hehehe.

(08/11 13:37:13)Adam {Hoikas} trolls his trolls

(08/11 13:37:17)Tweek: I have an announcement to make! I’m working on a new Age…a prison Age for axenna…for stealing my jaffa cakes

(08/11 13:37:22)GoMeDoobes: Doobes was gettin’ all mushy.

(08/11 13:37:23)Kae Ebonrai: XD

(08/11 13:37:27)Rabbit starts to laugh

(08/11 13:37:27)axenna: HAHAHAHA snap

(08/11 13:37:30)GoMeDoobes: LOL! I took one too and you never saw it.

(08/11 13:37:30)shokhootahn Rehn: bow

(08/11 13:37:34)shokhootahn Rehn bows

(08/11 13:37:39)axenna gives tweeks back his jaffa cakes

(08/11 13:37:44)Dulcamara: Lol

(08/11 13:37:52)axenna: Teamwork doobes

(08/11 13:37:53)Tweek: two prison Ages it is then. I’m not short of ink and korteenea anymore.

(08/11 13:38:00)axenna runs

(08/11 13:38:02)shokhootahn Rehn: Sorry for the late delivery. It’s the story of my life… a day late and a dollar short. lol

(08/11 13:38:16)shokhootahn Rehn: I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.

(08/11 13:38:17)GoMeDoobes grins

(08/11 13:38:28)shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language classes…

(08/11 13:38:35)Korov’ev: don`t worry, axenna, he`ll finish it in 20 years

(08/11 13:38:47)Kae Ebonrai: does Tweek finish things? =P

(08/11 13:38:51)shokhootahn Rehn: Two more students for the current session have completed the 101 class!

(08/11 13:38:54)axenna: Bahahaha im safe then

(08/11 13:38:57)Kae Ebonrai: ā¤ Tweek

(08/11 13:39:13)Korov’ev: quiet now!

(08/11 13:39:20)shokhootahn Rehn: Also, the current graduates are RonnieG, ChrisKB and Firmament Hype.

(08/11 13:39:23)Tweek: I finished my marriage…does that count?

(08/11 13:39:33)Kae Ebonrai: …I’m afraid not, my friend

(08/11 13:39:42)shokhootahn Rehn: There are still three groups, at various stages learning the alphabet, time, and the suffixes.

(08/11 13:39:44)Korov’ev: shush!

(08/11 13:40:17)shokhootahn Rehn: while classes are in session, the Guild of Istructors’ Hood will be closed. As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager in the Hood.

(08/11 13:40:34)shokhootahn Rehn: Also, I use Magic Bot’s (KI #27527) advertisements to announce last-minute changes to class times.

(08/11 13:40:49)shokhootahn Rehn: You can get those advertisements by adding him as a buddy and then sending him a PM with the word: advert

(08/11 13:41:09)shokhootahn Rehn: If Magic Bot is not on-line, you can also PM Mimi Bot (KI #71459) the word, as well.

(08/11 13:42:06)shokhootahn Rehn: Also, You can check in the Cavern Events Hood for updates, as well. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:42:15)Dulcamara: Well done shokhootahn Rehn

(08/11 13:42:24)shokhootahn Rehn: I am in the Hood most days at 10:00 KI time and 20:00 KI time for those students who have questions regarding the current lesson.

(08/11 13:42:51)shokhootahn Rehn: I’ll be announcing the graduates of the current classes at a future AGM. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:43:14)shokhootahn Rehn: This November will be the 10th anniversary of the language classes. Yes, there will be a celebration and a party, details to follow at Next month’s AGM. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:43:23)Korov’ev: yay for D`ni students!

(08/11 13:43:25)GoMeDoobes: Nice!

(08/11 13:44:14)shokhootahn Rehn: If there are any D’ni-Js who would like to help out, please contact me via KI or on the forums under my moniker Mystryman

(08/11 13:44:23)shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions?

(08/11 13:44:32)Tiara_NL: What does your name mean?

(08/11 13:44:35)Attaboy20: I’ll bring refreshments!

(08/11 13:44:49)Rabbit: I’ll bring alfalfa!

(08/11 13:44:49)Korov’ev: none in queue

(08/11 13:44:58)shokhootahn Rehn: Tiara, y name means Instructor Rehn

(08/11 13:45:04)shokhootahn Rehn: *my name

(08/11 13:45:08)Tiara_NL: Ah thanks!

(08/11 13:45:14)Attaboy20: Baklava?

(08/11 13:45:16)GoMeDoobes: Attaboy, so *thats* why the supplies in the Pub have been running out faster. šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:45:28)shokhootahn Rehn: lol@Doobes

(08/11 13:45:32)Attaboy20: uh oh

(08/11 13:45:35)Kae Ebonrai: @

(08/11 13:45:41)shokhootahn Rehn: Any other questions?

(08/11 13:45:43)Kae Ebonrai: @Doobes, you’re welcome to raid mine =P

(08/11 13:45:54)Attaboy20: this means he’s working on a 5th age…

(08/11 13:46:19)Attaboy20: Don’t worry though

(08/11 13:46:20)GoMeDoobes: Excellent, Kae. I just might. Saves me a trip to the surface. šŸ˜€

(08/11 13:46:26)shokhootahn Rehn: Moving on…

(08/11 13:46:29)shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.

(08/11 13:46:33)GoMeDoobes shuts up

(08/11 13:46:44)shokhootahn Rehn: Tonight, and for the next 6 weeks, we will continue with the history of the kings of D’ni.

(08/11 13:46:58)shokhootahn Rehn: During Story Night – Europe, we will learn what happened during the reign of the Egyptian Phaoroh, Cheops, see disaster hit the family of Faresh, and see the announcements of a new stone and a new ferry system.

(08/11 13:47:24)shokhootahn Rehn: During Original Story Night, we will learn how the district where the City Silo is located got it’s name and a “tunnel to nowhere”.

(08/11 13:47:43)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.

(08/11 13:47:59)shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.

(08/11 13:48:19)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time. Again, I use Magic Bot to advertise changes to Story Night times, both Europe and original.

(08/11 13:49:33)shokhootahn Rehn: Because to day is the AGM, Story Night – Europe will begin about 14:30 KI time.

(08/11 13:49:46)axenna: So qiuet, if that Bahro screeches we’re all gonna pee ourselves

(08/11 13:49:55)Attaboy20: Too late

(08/11 13:50:00)axenna: HAHAHAHA

(08/11 13:50:01)AgeExplorer: LOL

(08/11 13:50:08)shokhootahn Rehn: There will be a temporary change to the time for Story Night – Europe for August 18. Story Night – Europe will be held on Sunday, June 19, at 14:30 KI time. Yes, ’tis the season for traveling. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:50:21)Korov’ev: travel time!

(08/11 13:50:34)shokhootahn Rehn: šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:50:37)shokhootahn Rehn: Times for original Story Night (Saturdays at 23:30 KI time) are unaffected by my traveling. However, they are affected by power outages due to thunderstorms… which, unfortunately, ’tis also the season. Should this be the case, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:50:38)Susa’n: JUNE 19?

(08/11 13:50:55)Korov’ev: August, I suppose šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:50:56)Adam {Hoikas}: time travelling, eh?

(08/11 13:50:56)axenna: time travel!

(08/11 13:50:58)shokhootahn Rehn: Oops! Sorry, that us AUGUST 18

(08/11 13:51:00)GoMeDoobes: Guessing August?

(08/11 13:51:03)GoMeDoobes: Ah yes.

(08/11 13:51:04)AgeExplorer: Get the Tardis

(08/11 13:51:07)shokhootahn Rehn: *AUGUST 19

(08/11 13:51:12)Susa’n: šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:51:14)GoMeDoobes hums the Doctor Who theme

(08/11 13:51:16)shokhootahn Rehn: Dang it, Jim!

(08/11 13:51:21)Korov’ev: time travel time!

(08/11 13:51:22)axenna: oooWEEEEOOOOOOOOOO

(08/11 13:51:34)shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.

(08/11 13:51:37)Kae Ebonrai: exterminate. >.>

(08/11 13:51:46)axenna: deleeeete

(08/11 13:51:54)shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender so it must be added to the body of the text.


(08/11 13:52:28)shokhootahn Rehn: Some have sent messages to be added but have not included their KI mail so they were unable to be added.

(08/11 13:52:44)shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!

(08/11 13:52:47)shokhootahn Rehn: As an aside, both events (lessons and Story Nights) are listed on the GoMe calendar at

(08/11 13:52:53)shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions?

(08/11 13:53:10)axenna: what is the meaning of life, the Universe, and everything?

(08/11 13:53:16)Korov’ev: none in queue

(08/11 13:53:16)shokhootahn Rehn: 42

(08/11 13:53:23)axenna: šŸ˜€

(08/11 13:53:30)GoMeDoobes: 84. It’s double good.

(08/11 13:53:31)shokhootahn Rehn: Thanks, everyone!

(08/11 13:53:37)shokhootahn Rehn bows

(08/11 13:53:40)Korov’ev: thank you, Rehn!

(08/11 13:53:43)axenna: so….if 42 is the answer, what is the question?

(08/11 13:53:50)GoMeDoobes: Doctor…WHO?

(08/11 13:54:05)Susa’n: Ly woke up!

(08/11 13:54:07)Tweek: hey look who woke up

(08/11 13:54:08)Attaboy20: Lyro’s up!

(08/11 13:54:10)GoMeDoobes: Yay!

(08/11 13:54:16)Korov’ev: Lyros is awake!

(08/11 13:54:17)Lyrositor: Hullo.

(08/11 13:54:20)Susa’n: fix the Skydiver client! šŸ˜‰

(08/11 13:54:24)Attaboy20: how was your nap?

(08/11 13:54:25)Kae Ebonrai: XD

(08/11 13:54:36)Lyrositor: Not much chance of that happening at this stage, I’m afraid.

(08/11 13:54:39)Mirphak: salut Lyrositor

(08/11 13:54:50)GoMeDoobes: Eh, time for someone else to run with that ball, I’d say.

(08/11 13:55:07)Attaboy20: Something that concides with Doobes ages

(08/11 13:55:14)Attaboy20: There’s a Myst like game releasing at that time too

(08/11 13:55:15)Korov’ev: Well, time to wrap up this trainwr– Meeting!

(08/11 13:55:27)Korov’ev: The party will continue with the help of Mir-o-Bot… but don’t forget to stop in Tsahno’s Hood for today’s Euro Story Night!

(08/11 13:55:35)Korov’ev: Here is the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time)…

(08/11 13:55:41)Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood.

(08/11 13:55:47)Korov’ev: If you find a mistake, please PM me here or on the forum so I can correct it.

(08/11 13:55:54)Korov’ev: Monday 6 was Robyn Miller’s birthday: vokanyahr k’tsee, as we say in the Cavern!

(08/11 13:56:05)Tweek watched a Rataroo zip along the edge of the hall

(08/11 13:56:07)Korov’ev: Tuesday 7 was Until Uru’s anniversary, that opened in 2004 (it’s been 14 years already!)

(08/11 13:56:20)GoMeDoobes: Yay! One of my favorite VG composers. šŸ™‚

(08/11 13:56:20)Korov’ev: Thursday 23 is the anniversary of the DI shard, that opened in 2010.

(08/11 13:56:32)Kae Ebonrai: jesus, that.. that was A while Ago

(08/11 13:56:38)Korov’ev: and Friday 24 is Obduction’s anniversary: already two years old!

(08/11 13:56:47)axenna: totally dont understand shards. i need to learn now that ive done all the ages

(08/11 13:56:54)Korov’ev: Now, for what’s going on in the Cavern:

(08/11 13:56:58)GoMeDoobes: Ah, the shrieking toddler stage for Obduction. šŸ˜›

(08/11 13:57:01)Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.

(08/11 13:57:07)Korov’ev: Sun 19 @ 13:00: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza

(08/11 13:57:12)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gatherings, in Meeting Place’s Hood

(08/11 13:57:16)Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 12:00: NULPsday, in German NULP’s Hood

(08/11 13:57:21)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 16:00: Fil’s Music Stream, in Ae’gura Plaza []

(08/11 13:57:28)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Euro Story Nights, in Tsahno’s Hood

(08/11 13:57:36)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Parties, in Karaoke’s Hood

(08/11 13:57:41)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights, in Tsahno’s Hood

(08/11 13:57:46)Korov’ev: And…

(08/11 13:57:53)Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, September 1 at 13:00 KI time: THE month of Myst anniversaries!

(08/11 13:58:02)Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:

(08/11 13:58:18)Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next time!