Lothias Journal Excerpt 01

Excerpt from the sixth journal of Lothias

Dated: Leebro 10, 9397 DE.

Translated by: Doobes

“While I know it has not been long since we last spoke, to my weary heart, it has felt nearly a millennium has passed.  My thoughts are jumbled and I must put them to the paper of this book for my own sanity.  It is why I write this entry to you: my beloved.

“We of the rock, the D’ni, are a long-lived people.  Blessed with longevity by the grace of Yahvo, this has become both our blessing…and more often, our curse.  While we have conquered the elements around us and achieved mastery of the Art that sustains us, only a select few have even come close to conquering matters of the heart.

“Many regrets weigh heavily upon mine, but none as potent and crippling as you.

“Perhaps it is poetic justice then that I now find myself in this quiet, almost forgotten corner of the great cavern, whittling away at the now-mundane business of the Guild.  I have become nothing more than an empty figurehead; a relic from a former era, propped up to keep the younger recruits in line.  The bustle of activity around quickly becomes a blur, one that passes me by with gaining momentum…and I find myself unable to care.

“I think often about the things that were said.  I think about all that was left unsaid.  Much of it was my fault.  Through past betrayals, the capacity for me to trust has been greatly diminished.  Still…I let you in.  Something inside told me this was the right thing to do.  My head may have still held old mistrust, but my heart knew of the kind and pure spirit you hold.  Even so, my mind continued to override logic…and finally, it cost me dearly.

“In times together, we flourished, and whether you saw it or not, in me, you caused an awakening.  It is one thing to merely engage a person in everyday conversation, but to revitalize their soul through kindness and generosity is another matter entirely.  It is what brings a zest to life that only a fortunate few can experience.  It’s a spark of comforting light in an otherwise cold and dark existence.

“It is true: without that warming light, it has become a dismal existence indeed.  The great sights of the cavern, a bright day upon the land of my home of Teshafee, and so many more breathtaking wonders bequeathed to us by the richness of our society and many millenia…will never be enough to replace that light that you brought to me every moment we were together.

“And so…I wait.  A sliver of hope still remains.  I may be foolish to think so, but in the end, it drives me forward.  I will continue on, but always hope…for in the end, hope is all we have.

“Someday…I will know.”