Korman Tests

As someone who has been helping to test the Korman plugin as it’s been developed, I’ve done what I can to push it to its limits and see what needs modifying and fixing.

Yes, it’s kinda fun being asked to purposefully break stuff.

As such, the team at the Guild of Writers has come up with one or two options that even PyPRP had trouble with, including real-time lighting.

Below are two examples I’ve been working on recently. The first was a single fluctuating light simulating a fire in the pyre at the top of Veelay Tsahvahn.

As you can see, animated just right, it works rather well.  It casts on the bowl and even on the avatar. One thing I noticed while doing this was that real-time lights are ineffective on objects that have been lightmapped…at least so far.

The next test was far bigger…and more familiar.

Since the waystation is essentially another type of neighborhood, a light garden was almost required for that same feel. For some reason, the islands are having trouble getting the light, and the lights themselves mix in an odd way when they’re all on…but as you can see, the effect is impressive.

Now that the YouTube channel is up and running, I’ll be releasing some more test footage as I go to document things for others who come after me. If I get time, I may even film some tutorials.

We shall see.  For now, enjoy the pretty lights!


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