Remembering Those We’ve Lost


For several months now, I’ve been posting and talking about the Memorial Age, which is now officially named Tsahvahn Veelay, or “Immortal Soul” in D’ni.

Canonically, it is one of the oldest Ages and may have even been carried over to the cavern from Garternay, although further research needs to be done to confirm that. The look of the Age was conceptualized by Kae Ebonrai and concept art based on her ideas was expertly done by Rhee.  Further artistic suggestions were made by Nev’yn.

Almost all of us have gone down to Kahlo Pub in Ae’gura to see the names listed on the memorial there, but I, like many others, have felt that, while it’s a nice gesture, it doesn’t do those explorers justice.  It was with that in mind that a full Age for the purpose of mourning, remembering and celebrating them was proposed.

I’ve always felt that, to truly know someone who has passed away, one must hear from those who were close to them.  For that reason, I’m calling upon all of you to create something to honor anyone you knew from the cavern we lost too soon.

It can be anything within reason: a story, a poem, pictures (KI or URU screenshots preferably, real life pics with permission), music…even something modeled in Blender (within reason; nothing too big); almost anything you like.  You can then submit it to me for inclusion in Tsahvahn and the final version of the Age.

Note that this Age will be a mix of in-character and out-of-character, so your submissions may do the same.

Please include who the tribute is for (it can be for multiple people) and how you would like to be credited (avatar, real name, both, etc). More can be added in future updates.

For a full list of explorers we have lost, you can go to the In Memoriam page started by Tai’lahr.  All the content currently there is included in the Age already, and more will be added to there and the memoriam page as it’s submitted until the final release.  If you know someone who hasn’t been included yet, they can be added.

There’s only a couple of rules that probably won’t be a problem, but should be addressed.  Please, no profanity and no copyrighted material. If you quote a person or writing, please provide a proper citation. Any text will be presented as written, so no editing, spell check, or any change whatsoever, so be sure to write your best.  If for some reason I don’t include your submission, I will give a full explanation as to why, but I don’t see it being an issue.

Deadline for submissions to be included for the first released version of the Age will be due December 15th, 2016 at the end of the day.  Not to worry if you miss the date though; anything sent after that will be included in a future update.

I hope to release the first version of the Age at the beginning of 2017.  An offline version is definitely confirmed while I still need to discuss online versions with the Guild of Writers and The Open Cave team.  Now that Chloe Rhodes is back, I will see if she’s interested in including the Age on her future DIRT: URU Live shard. I’ll also see what I can do to get it included into MOULa, but that will be trickier.

Let’s show exactly how much our lost friends really meant to us!

(Once again, click here to submit an entry!)


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