An Update…and a Reshuffle

Hey everyone.
As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit stingy with the updates as of late.  Aside from the usual paying job-related stuff, there’s good reason for that. Certain events that have happened behind the scenes have caused me to rethink a couple of the projects on which I’ve been working.

As such, there’s going to be a few changes:

Stan’s Oasis

This was to be a rather large area of the New Mexican desert located relatively close to the cleft and Jeff Zandi’s land, with the focal point being Stan’s Oasis, a gas station/diner.

Due to the fact the person who brought me the project has simply stopped talking, leaving my interest to wane, I have decided not to finish the location as intended.  I will continue work on the station itself and the immediate area so that the good people at MystiTech Productions can use the location for filming, but as far as a public release in the future, I simply have no interest in completing it unless the aforementioned project lead comes back…which seems unlikely now.

Undisclosed Surface Location/Tsahvahn Gahrahno

Since this was another project that was co-opted for a purpose that is now defunct (relating to Stan’s), I am reverting this project back to an Age called Tsahvahn Gahrahno, which will be a simple tropical island with a few amenities.  Mostly just a quick Age for relaxation purposes.  It will no longer be an Earth location.

These decisions come after much personal debate and with more than a pinch of sorrow, as the drive to finish these two projects as intended has gone with the person who brought me the concepts.

Not to worry, though.  Most of the other projects I have, including the Memorial Age, remain unaffected…and I even have a new project in the works.

Check it out:


Yes, it’s another cavern location (although I’m on the fence if I’ll change that to help its intended purpose a bit more), and no, no further details just yet. 😉

So that’s all I have for now.  It’s been a rough couple of months, but I appreciate you all who hang in there with me.

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “An Update…and a Reshuffle

  1. Sad to hear about Stan’s, it looked like a fun place to explore. But sadder still to hear the reason why. Yes, certainly hanging in there with you in spirit. Looking forward to the new project!


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